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Shampoo Area<br> Backwash Chairs Dryers & Processors

Shampoo Chair Combos, Backwash units
Color Bars, Dryers, Processors & Steamers - On Sale

The Shampoo Area in the Salon is one of the most used areas in the salon. AB Salon Equipment can go over all the options for Backwash Shampoo Systems, Custom Shampoo Area Cabinetry, and Can even help you find parts for what you have. Give us a call to review the collection of Shampoo Area Equipment and Salon Furnishings.

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Shampoo Area - Shampoo Bowls, Shampoo sink and Chair Combo, Shampoo Chairs, Shampoo Cabinetry, Backwash Shampoo System

Find a Shampoo System perfect for your salon. Whether you are just looking for a Shampoo Bowl, or are in need of an entire Shampoo System, you have come to the right place. Shampoo Backwash, Shampoo Chair, Shampoo Cabinet, Bowls & Parts. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to help you with any of your salon equipment needs.

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